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Eggless Mini Pumpkin Pies 11/21/21

Hello Everyone! Thanksgiving is coming up, so we decided to bake mini pumpkin pies! We baked at Samira's house. It was Sonia and Samira baking. We used a different recipe than what we used for the apple pies, and this one had a lot of exotic spices in its crust. I think that's why the apple pie crust turned out like angel sugar while the pumpkin pie crust was devil spice. Both of their fillings were nice though! When I reached Samira's house, I worked on the filling while she did the crust. The filling included pumpkin puree, cinnamon (I suspect for the scent), vanilla extract, hot condensed milk (first time using the stove!), and a whopping 10 TABLESPOONS OF HONEY. Even though it was distributed between 24 pies, 10 tablespoons is lot. It's hard to work with it because it keeps sticking on to the spoon. Meanwhile Samira was making the crust by mixing up regular crust ingredients and the recipe's exotic spices. These included coconut flour, almond meal, arrowroot powder, chia seeds, and psyllium. Then it was time to bake the pies, and since we used up all of our cupcake wrappers, we greased the pan with butter. Since we only had one 12 baking pan, we baked 2 batches. When Samira and I sat down to taste our creations, we spat the crust out immediately. Next time, we'll know which pie crust is best! -Sonia

Bread Mix 12/19/21

Hey Everyone, we baked dinner roles. Sonia and Samira baked this. We used a bread mix for this one. One of the ingredients on the box called for eggs. We substituted the eggs with buttermilk. And we substituted the BUTTERMILK with yogurt and water. Yes I know, we substituted wayyyyy to much. Anyway, now we know how vinegar tastes like. That is because when we tasted the batter it literally tasted like vinegar. We solved this problem by adding a lot of sugar. Because of this instead of being a savory dish it became a sweet dish. Overall, the dinner roles tasted great, but it lost its savory quality. -Samira

Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes 11/7/21

Cupcake Community, today we fixed a crime that we committed earlier, but didn't realize that we had committed it. The crime was that in our entire career of baking, we had never made chocolate cupcakes :O! Sonia and Samira baked this one, and it was just for fun. Our cupcakes turned out really nice. They were soft and spongy. We could only bake 6 cupcakes so, we baked a small cake too. The frosting was REALLY good but we had made very little of it. For the last two cupcakes we had to use store-bought frosting. Overall, the cupcakes turned out great and I hope we can bake these cupcakes again.- Sonia and Samira

Eggless Brownies 11/4/21

This was our biggest order yet. Only I baked this one(Sonia), and it was delicious. My aunt's son has a baby, and we baked the eggless brownies for his daycare. We made 24. Two of the brownies crumpled when we took them out of the oven, so we turned them into crownies(brownie cupcakes). We did that by crumpling them even further and then mushing it into a cupcake wrapper. We bought new order boxes, and now our business is officially professional. 2 days after we delivered the order, Cupcake Delight received shocking news: 12 of the brownies were used in the daycare, but 12 of the brownies were used in my uncles office! His colleagues loved them, and said that they will order more from Cupcake Delight. As you can see, this was an exciting order! -Sonia

Eggless Apple Pie 10/10/21

Cupcake community, today we baked mini apple pies. They were eggless, and definitely our best recipe yet. Sonia and Samira baked this. First we made the crust. It was kind of gross, because we had to separate the butter and the shortening into pea-sized pieces by hand. Then I worked on the filling, while Samira kneaded the dough. We put it into muffin pans and froze it for two hours. After that we put the filling inside the crust and decorated it with lattice strips. Finally we put it in the oven! This was our first fall special, and I do recommend it for a fall snack.-Sonia

Eggless Brownies 10/3/21

Today we baked another version of eggless brownies. This time, we didn't ice them because last time we iced brownies, the icing was too thick and messy. We baked at Sonia's house. The brownies turned out a bit oily, because Ananya put a little bit too much oil. We must have ate at least 9/10 of the batter. Ok, maybe thats an exaggeration. There was extra batter, so we made some cupcakes as well : Brownie Cupcakes. Since we made 2x the recipe, we used two cups of sugar. Sonia thought that was too much, so we used 1 3/4 cup. The recipe called for 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract, but we didn't have enough, so we ended up adding about 2 1/2 teaspoons. The brownies turned out great! We should definitely consider selling them at the park.-Sonia, Samira, and Ananya

Eggless Cookies 8/13/21

Ok, Cupcake Community, remember how we said that the brownies were our best recipe? WELL, SCRATCH THAT. Our actual best recipe is our eggless cookies. I honestly had no complaints for the final results, and even my little sister said they were good. That is a huge compliment coming from her. They were moist, sweet, and we made a lot of them. However, we wasted 1/3 of our cookie dough. You see, we have 2 cookie/brownie baking pans, one big and one small. We put 1/3 of the cookie batter in the small tray, and the rest of the batter in the big one. Then, we put the small tray in the bottom most rack of the oven, and the big tray in the top rack. Well, the small tray cookies got burned. But Samira's dad happily ate them up. Also we used brown granulated sugar, instead of brown sugar+white granulated sugar like the recipe called for. The moral of this post is, if you decide to order from our business, I would personally recommend the cookies.-Sonia

Eggless Brownies 8/9/21

This time, we did something a little different than we normally would. We made eggless brownies instead of cupcakes. Why? Well, our parents were getting a little tired of cupcakes, so they told us to try brownies. And they turned out great! Unlike the cupcakes, it was easy to frost the brownies, because you don't have to frost upward, they are supposed to be flat. We followed the recipe exactly, except for a little...mess...with the milk and the flour. I think our brownies turned out better than our cinnamon cupcakes. The only problem was that we had too much frosting at the end of it. Also, the frosting tasted too buttery, and no matter how much confectioners sugar we added, it it didn't help, so our last resort was to add flour. That stopped the buttery taste, but made the frosting taste like dough. However, the actual brownie was nice. It was our new best recipe.-Sonia

Red Velvet Cupcakes 7/25/21

Today we made red velvet cupcakes, and they were eggless. This is another practice batch. The actual cupcakes turned out great, as great as the cinnamon cupcakes. The frosting however, you could tell by looking at it that it was a bit too buttery. So, we piped it on, and it wasn't looking bad, just shiny. Thats when the trouble started. We thought that red fondant roses would look nice, so we tried to sculpt them out of fondant. Well, the only fondant we have is white fondant, so we dyed it red using the same food coloring as the color in the cupcakes. There were two problems. The food coloring made the fondant sticky, so it was hard to sculpt it. I the solution to this problem was to keep washing and drying our hands. And the plastic wrap smooshed the frosting and the roses, so the final cupcake looked ok, but tasted great. I think the solution to this problem is to buy a cupcake box, so we can store cupcakes without them looking bad. Conclusion: I think, after the cinnamon, these Eggless red velvet cupcakes were our second best batch!-Sonia

Cookie Dough Cupcakes 7/17/21

So, the third batch we made was the cookie dough cupcakes. It definitely didn't turn out as expected. The cupcake was too buttery, and the cookie dough was sticky, and more liquid than I would have liked. Good things? The frosting was great, and it piped on really beautifully. The cupcake, unlike our previous ones, didn't turn out salty or lumpy. And even though the full cookie dough cupcake was VERY FILLING, half of it was just right. I think we can solve this problem using mini cupcakes in the future. I am not disappointed, because we have only started baking and we can't set our expectations too high. But it wasn't perfect. This is the first time we have baked these advanced cupcakes. All in all, good work, but not our best cupcakes.-Sonia

Cinnamon Cupcake 7/2/21

So, for our next batch, we made cinnamon cupcakes. Sonia meets her uncle almost every friday, so we made cinnamon cupcakes for their next meet. They turned out much better than the funfetti cupcakes for 2 reasons. First, when we baked the funfetti cupcakes, we didn’t have all-purpose flour, so we had to substitute it for self rising flour. Big mistake. That’s probably why the cupcakes turned out so lumpy. This time, we had all the ingredients, so the consistency of the cupcakes was just perfect. That isn’t to say that we didn’t improvise! There was this whole thing with flour and milk and the recipe, but we made it work. The second reason is that things were a lot more organized. 2 people did the dry ingredients and the whisk, one person did the frosting, and one person did the wet ingredients. Things that went wrong; I can only think of one. The ½ teaspoon of salt made the frosting too salty. Other then that, this batch was great! -Sonia

Eggless Funfetti Cupcake 6/24/21

Hi cupcake community! We just made eggless funfetti cupcakes, for Samira’s adorable little sister. She wanted the cupcake’s to be perfect, so these are actually a sample cupcake. She doesn’t eat egg, so we made eggless cupcakes. The batter was filled with white and pink sprinkles, and the frosting--the little girl kept eating it up! The “best” part was cleaning up the kitchen when we finished baking. Making our first batch was an adventure. We didn’t do it how we usually do it-when we break up the steps and each person has an assignment to work on- so it was pretty disorganized, but we managed to get it together.The cupcakes didn’t turn out perfect, and not all cupcakes will turn out perfect, but they tasted great! Although some people would feel the consistency of the cupcakes are a little too lumpy , they were amazing other than that. Some people thought the cupcake was too sweet, but we do love the feedback!! Everyone was having fun and still working hard! It is a little tricky;it is a little sticky--but other than that, we did a great job for our first batch!-All

Sonia's cupcake profile

Hi everyone! I’m Sonia, and I founded cupcake delight for two reasons: 1, to see the smiles on people’s faces when they bite into our delightful cupcakes. 2, to taste test them. Mostly for reason one though:). I am an avid reader, artist, and fashion stylist, and I have been playing piano since I was 5. Two things that I really love are dogs and being creative. I thought a cupcake business would bring people together, and now my friends and I are closer than we’ve ever been. We are also connecting with people across the bay area through our cupcakes. When I am baking cupcakes, I feel happy, and I have a sweet treat at the end. Maybe if the world baked more cupcakes, it would be a happier place.

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Hey all, my name is Samira and I am one of the co-founders of Cupcake Delight. Baking is one of my favorite things to do and was actually one of the main reasons I joined Cupcake Delight. Other things I like to do include dancing, art, writing, and reading. However, joining Cupcake Delight proved to be a challenge. For starters, I don't eat egg! I thought my friends would worry about it but they were actually pretty nice about it. They even promised to only bake eggless cupcakes at my home. So far I am really happy with Cupcake Delight and I can't wait to do more, but for now let's celebrate and enjoy the cupcakes from Cupcake Delight.

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Hey guys! My name is Saanvi and I am one of the members of cupcake delight. I love baking because it is my favorite thing to do and I have some baking experience. I have made cake, cookies, cupcakes and mini cakes. A little background check on me : I love art , baking and reading. Also I love bunnies and dogs. I always get excited when we are baking cupcakes. Some turned better than others but it is still fun. I am hoping to accomplish more with my friends in Cupcake Delight.

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